Asset Maintenance

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Lease Solutions for Every Portfolio

Track any type of asset – from real estate to equipment.  Automatically classify Finance and Operating leases with our built-in test.

Real Estate

Real estate leases can include hundreds of legal, operational and financial data points, all of which can be tracked in Visual Lease.


Track IT equipment, machinery, fleet vehicles, aircraft, land, medical devices, vineyards and other unique assets.


Provides guidance in calculating the correct useful life and amortization of leased assets.


Aids in the creation of asset and liability balances and calculates straight-line rent expense.

Day Two: Automation


  • Lease Management: Mid-term events and end-of-term renewals, buyouts, and terminations

  • Modifications: Tracking of events triggering modifications and reassessments

  • Disclosure Reporting: Payment schedule, amortization, and maturity analysis reporting

  • SOX Audits: Electronic audit trail of all activities throughout the lease lifecycle

General Ledger, ERP, and Accounts Payable Integrations

Visual Lease has extensive lease accounting functionality, which allows it to serve as a subledger to your general ledger for lease transactions. In addition, Visual Lease allows for the creation of one-time and recurring journal entries that can be transmitted to your organization’s ERP system.

See a live demo and learn about the Zithus advantage.

See how Visual Lease and Zithus can help ensure your compliance with

IFRS 16 / NIIF 16 and Local GAAP (ASC 842).

100% IFRS 16 / NIIS 16 and ASC 842 Compliant 


To comply with the new lease accounting standards, many organizations are looking for ways to better manage their lease accounting practices. To meet the needs of both the accounting and the real estate teams, the lease administration and lease accounting applications must work closely together.

Visual Lease provides a lease administration and accounting solution together to ensure all parties are kept informed of decisions that impact them.

Zithus is a world leader in developing and deploying innovated technology for mission critical environments. 


As a Premier reseller of Visual Lease, Nintex and Fiix software,  our team of accounting, technology and real estate experts help our clients develop strategies for achieving IFRS 16 Lease Accounting compliance.

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